King of Tanks is a multiplayer online real-time strategy game which can also be played as single player against different levels of AI.

The first team to destroy the opponent's king wins.

The main theme of the game is that the king is strong and it commands everything. You can give orders to your tanks only in the command range which is displayed around the king. You can order them to attack, fire, guard, patrol, build, and shield. Also you can heal them if they are damaged.

The game area is limited in a square like a chess board. There are limited iron and gold resources around. You can build factories on these resources and upgrade them to cities. Iron is used for tank production and gold is used for money production.

Once you have produced enough tanks, you should attack the opponent's king to win the battle.

You may press the Manage button and later press the Help button (or just press the h key) to get further help in the game.

Thanks to everyone in advance for playing King of Tanks. Have fun!

Keyboard and Mouse Controls:
Help: H (help)
Look Around: Arrow Keys or Mouse Drag
Look Far Range or King: C (toggles)
Duties: P (Patrol), G (Guard), A (Attack), F (Fire)
Select One/More: Shift
Pause: Shift + P
Full Screen: S (toggles)

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